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The Angie's Story

Take a look behind the scenes of Angie's Oyster Bar's newly launched DIY Kits.


From Farm to Table

ANGIE’S OYSTER BAR has always taken pride in our fresh ingredients & quality dishes.

From the crafting of recipes to the sourcing of ingredients from both land & sea, our chefs ensure that every detail is personally taken care of. 

Our chefs work closely with local kelongs & fishmongers from DishTheFishSG who select only the freshest product from the ports to bring back to Angies.

From Goldband Snappers from Balai to Argentina Red Prawns, all our seafood is selected with utmost care & expertise.

Brandt-certified meats, High-grade Black Angus Ribeye from Tender Valley, the finest Futari Fullblood Wagyu Steaks, we promise that Angie’s gets only the best.


Do-It-Yourself, the Angie's Way

Our DIY Kits feature classic Angie dishes, modified to suit the needs of the at-home chef.

Our recipes are carefully curated with our customers in mind. Simple dishes promising impeccable taste are made possible through our chefs’ experience and culinary knowledge.

Be Part of the Process

Gain insight into what goes behind our food. Get involved in the process behind each plate.

From the doneness of meat to the amount of salt, the freedom to control & adjust each dish to your preference is yours.

Angie's DIY Kits empower you to be your own chef.

A Blend Between Convenience and Quality

An all-in-one package, Angie's DIY Kits offer a fuss-free, effortless way of whipping up gourmet meals in the comfort of your home.

We save you the trouble of planning, purchasing & preparing.

We'll do the hard work for you.

Brined for 24h, seasoned & sous vide for 3h, our crowd-favourite Iberico Pork Rack is a prime example. 

Premium Ingredients,  Affordable Price

Fresh Seasonal Woodland truffles, juicy premium lobster – indulge in top-quality produce without the heavy price tag.

Our value-for-money kits are sure to satiate your desire for restaurant quality.

We've Got Everything You Need

There’s no need to buy a large bottle of oil when you only need a spoonful. Don’t splurge on a pack of parmesan when you just want a sprinkle.


We’ll deliver smaller sizes for wholesale prices.

There’s no need for grocery shopping when you have us.

Stay home- we’ll bring our restaurant to your doorstep.

What Makes Us Different

Perfect for Every Occasion, Reccomended for All

Angie’s caters directly to your needs.

Planning a dinner date? Not to worry.

Organising a family lunch? We’ll be there.

Craving restaurant-quality meals? Angie’s got you covered.

Share the Joy of Cooking with Angie's

Learn from our chefs while enjoying the cooking process together with your family & friends.


Be Your Own Chef @ Home


What People Say

@sherbakes, Food & Travel Blogger

I was really impressed at how nicely packed these kits were & how easy it was to cook them with step-by-step instructions given. Idiot proof really since they label every single ingredient for you!


Content Creator, Food Blogger

Had such a fun time! 

@zanthrea, Digital Creator

The process was a breeze. Everything you need is provided in the box & you’ll only need to follow the recipe card. It was fun….

@makoeats, Food Photographer

The difficult part like the creation of the sauce, the seasoning of the ingredients, the preparation of ingredients are already done in the restaurant’s kitchen and all I need to do was just to complete the final part of the cooking.

Angie's Oyster Bar Chef and Food

Good food is all that sweet when shared with friends & family.

Happiness is  homemade. 

Cooking with love provides food for the soul. 

At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.

~Michael Pollan

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